How to buy - placing orders on the website

Step 1: Choosing products

Navigating through the online portfolio is simple and can be done by scrolling through the product categories displayed on the left side of the page. If, after choosing a subcategory, you do not identify the product you are looking for in the list displayed, you can use the search bar where you enter the name of the product you are looking for. Sometimes you will need to try several search terms to find the product you want.

Once you have found the product you want, you can press the Buy button directly. The desired product arrives in your cart which is displayed at the top right of the page. You can also go to the product page by clicking directly on the image or its title where you can check all the information about its characteristics: price, availability in stock, packaging, unit of measure, etc. You can continue browsing the product catalog to choose other products you want.

Step 2: Shopping cart

Once you have added the products of interest to the shopping cart, simply click the "View cart or complete the order" button to see its full contents and change the desired quantity or even give up a certain product. Pay attention to the unit of measure for each product to avoid wrong order. The cart is always available for viewing on every page of the store, and you can switch at any time from choosing the products in the catalog to preparing the purchase. When you decide that your order is fully formed, click on "Execute Order". Under your order, the cost of the purchase will appear.

Step 3: Choose the delivery option

Then select an option on order delivery (the corresponding price is next to each option). For details on delivery options, check the "Product delivery" page in the "Delivery conditions" menu.

Step 4: Fill in the contact details.

Entering your contact details It is an important and mandatory action to fulfill your order. In case of entering the wrong data, fulfilling the order is impossible.

Step 5: We choose the payment method

Select a payment method for the products. If you choose the online payment option via a bank card (if available), you will be redirected to the payment processor page. For more details on payment options, check the "How to pay" page in the footer.

Then check the box accepting the Terms and Conditions (we recommend that you read them), and then press the "order" button.
We will send you an email confirming receipt of your order in the system. This message will not constitute a firm acceptance of your order.

In the shortest time we will analyze the received order. After verifying all the data necessary to conclude the commercial transaction, it will be processed.

If there are any ambiguities or certain inconsistencies, you will be contacted by telephone by an operator to clarify any information necessary to complete it.

The moment of acceptance of your order is the conclusion of the distance contract and the start of delivery, according to the chosen payment and delivery conditions.

When the order leaves our headquarters for delivery, you will be notified with an e-mail regarding its completion.

Step 6: Ship and receive the order

Our operator will contact you by phone to confirm the delivery time and address. After that, the courier will arrive at your place, who will bring the order and receive the payment (in case you have chosen the RAMBURS payment method).

If you have any questions, please contact the consultant of the online store:

tel: +40753025429


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